Employment Offices

 Career Counselling  and  Student Employment Centre

The Centre is committed to developing and empowering students today, for tomorrow. Its mission is to be the leading   Career Counselling and Student Employment Centre by producing empowered students through quality service, creativity and professionalism In a user friendly environment.

The Centre  has a team of qualified staff that provide the following professional services:
•  Career Counselling  and Assessment
• Curriculum and Course Counselling 
• Career Development  Workshops( goal setting, C.V. writing , interview skills, work ethics, etc.)
• Careers Resource Centre and Internet Facilities (prospective students are encourages to use the services and facilities available)
• Student Employment (part-time, full-time and internships)
• Graduate Recruitment  Programme and Careers Exhibition (for permanent  job opportunities, learnerships, internships and job mentoring.)
• The Work and Study Programme (students  have the opportunity  to earn and gain work experience while studying)
• Job Search Skills training
• Student Entrepreneurship

The staff aim to guide, assist and support students with their career choice and decisions, curriculum planning, job paths, student employment, work and study opportunities and job preparation.

Our main objective is to empower the students and to develop their capacity to succeed at University and in their career.

Howard College:  Tel:    +27  (0) 31   260 3072 
Westville:              Tel:.  +27  (0) 31   260 7337

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