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  • How to apply

    • All South African applicants for first time study at UKZN must apply via CAO. Consult  to download a CAO application form or to apply online. Consult  for information on application procedures, programmes offered, closing dates and entrance requirements and to access UKZN Undergraduate Prospectus.
    • Transfers:If you want to transfer to UKZN for undergraduate studies from another institution: Apply via CAO. Consult Indicate proposed year of study on the form. Credits will be considered at/after registration.
    • International undergraduate applicants: Go to to download a UKZN Undergraduate Application form and for relevant information in the Undergraduate Prospectus. 
    • All Postgraduate Applicants: Please download a UKZN Postgraduate Application form from  On the same site consult the Postgraduate Application Guide for information qualifications offered and contact detail.
    • Applications by currently registered UKZN students : Visit  to download the internal application forms for transfer to another qualification or for application to postgraduate study.

    Applications for financial aid must be made as follows

    •  first time entrants at UKZN: indicate on the CAO form that you want apply for NSFAS funding. The CAO will provide your information to NSFAS who now administers these loans.
    • applicants who have been registered at UKZN must contact NSFAS directly.

    For additional information and to request hard copy application forms: Please provide your postal address and indicate type of form you require if you are not able to download forms or if you would prefer hard copies of the material.  click here to send request via online facility.

  • Checking Progress of an Application


    1. For applications submitted via CAO
      The CAO provides application information to the UKZN on-line. UKZN considers the application and places the decision on the CAO system. Applicants who have completed the NSC-Deg or with outstanding Grade 11, Grade 12 midyear and trial results may receive early offers. Other applications are only considered once the final grade 12 results are available in January. Where an applicant’s current performance is far below the requirements and if the correct subjects were not included for the NSC, the applicant could be advised that the application to a specific programme was unsuccessful. Your application may remain on ‘pending’ till your final results are received.Spaces are limited and  not all applicants just meeting the minimum requirements published will be offered places.

      To follow the progress of your application, go to and enter your CAO application number.
      If you require more information please indicate CAO number and programme: click here:e-mail:
    2. For applications submitted directly to the UKZN
      To check if your application has been received and processed: click here: e:mail

  • Student Fees


    1. Tuition fees
    2. Payment structure
      Tuition fees are linked to the modules you register for. Your final account will only be available once you have finalised your registration. Tuition fees are paid as follows:

      2.1 South African students (2015 figures, subject to change)

      • R500 payable on acceptance of the offer of a place
      • An additional R3250 before academic registration
      • An additional R2750 must be paid towards residence fees before a room will be allocated
      • The balance of first semester fees is payable on receipt of your account statement April/May
      • Use Standard Bank M65 deposit slip for payment of tuition/residence fees: click here to download

      2.2 International students

      • Tuition fee plus levy (where applicable) must be paid in full before registration
      • Account detail for payment of tuition and residence fees by international students:
      • Account Holder: University of KwaZulu-Natal
        Name of Account: UKZN Foreign Deposit
        Type of Account: Business Current Account
        Bank: Standard Bank
        Branch: Westville
        Branch No.: 045426
        Bank Acc No.: 05 308 2826
        SWIFT Code: SBZAZAJJ
        Reference: UKZN Student number
    3. Payment by Credit card and debit order: Arrange with Cashiers well before registration.
    4. Bank transfers: Allow at least 5 days for SA bank transfers. International will take longer.
    5. To request a pro forma fee statementfor banks or sponsor: Email Student Fees
    6. To check outstanding balances and payments: Email Student Fees
    7. For information on accounts handed over to debtors: Email Debtors
    8. For any additional information regarding Student Fees contact

  • Financial Aid


    New applicants

    • Apply for financial assistance on the application for admission form (CAO or UKZN)
    • If you are offered a place to study and the College awards you provisional financial aid, they will forward an application form for financial assistance.
    • Student Funding will make the final decision on award of funding once you have submitted the completed form and all the required documentation.

    Returning students

  • Accommodation


    • New students apply for residence accommodation on the application for admission form (CAO or UKZN)
    • If you are offered a place to study, your programme will also consider your application for accommodation and award a room if they have any available.
    • Accommodation on campus is very limited and most students arrange for their own accommodation off campus.
    • A room will only be allocated once you have paid the R2750 residence deposit
    • Returning students apply for readmission to residences at the Student Housing Offices
    • Click here for more information  or write to the Students Housing Office  at one of the following addresses

                     For Edgewood  
                     For Howard College and Medical School email     
                     For Pietermaritzburg e-mail  
                     For Westvill e-mail  

  • Career Guidance and Counselling


    The Student Counsellors in Colleges offer assistance with the following:

    • Careers Counselling and Assessment
    • Curriculum and Course Counselling
    • Study skills, life skills and diversity awareness
    • Computerised careers assessment
    • Individual Psychometric assessments
    • Personalised reports on profiles: personality and interest
    • Help in Planning your degree
    • Support service for disabled students
    • Health issues and HIV
    • Contraception and Counselling

    Refer to Counselling page  for information on full services available.

    To make an appointment for testing or consultation please call:
    +27 (0) 31 260 2668 Howard College
    +27 (0) 33 260 5233 Pietermaritzburg Campus
    +27 (0) 31 260 7337/7751Westville Campus

    To make an appointment with a Disability Counsellor please contact:
    +27 (0) 31 260 3665 Edgewood Campus
    +27 (0) 31 260 3070/3140 Howard College
    +27 (0) 33 260 5213/5233 Pietermaritzburg campus
    +27 (0) 31 260 7706/7888 Westville Campus

  • Academic Transcripts, Credit Certificates and Syllabuses

     Fees payable (2015):

    • Academic Transcript R50
    • Syllabuses R300

    Account detail for payment of fees:  



    Bank                            :           Standard Bank

    Account Name              :           UKZN MAIN

    Type of Account           :           Business Current Account

    Account Number          :           05 308 0998

    Branch Code                :           045426

    Reference                     :           2762 11817 and Student Full Name



    Bank                            :           Standard Bank

    Account Name              :           UKZN MAIN

    Type of Account           :           Business Current Account

    Account Number          :           05 308 2826

    Branch Code                :           045426

    Reference                     :           2762 11817 and Student Full Name

    Swift Code                   :           SBZAZAJJ





    To request a document providing your qualification and student number if available or your last year of registration

    Howard College 
    Westville or


  • Verification of Qualification and Medium of Instruction


    Confirmation of qualification

    • To request confirmation of a qualification/study period or
    • To request statement confirming medium of instruction (English)


  • Replacement/Duplicate Degree/Diploma Certificate


    Replacement Fee 2015: R170


  • Locating a Staff Member

    To trace a current or ex staff member: e-mail
  • Vacancies and Applications for Employment


    • All vacancies (in both academic and support sections) are advertised on the UKZN vacancies web site 
    • For more information or to follow up on an application submitted email


  • Venue Bookings and Timetable Enquiries


    All campuses:
    To send a request e-mail

  • Directions to Campus


    Please follow the directions on the web:

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