Fees for South African Postgraduate Students

South African Postgraduate students

• Academic fee structure:  How does it work


1. Application Fee

Postgraduate applicants pay a non-refundable  application fee of R175 directly to the UKZN.

2. Acceptance of Offer Fee 

If your application is successful, you will receive a letter from the University offering you a place at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.  If you decide to accept the offer you must make a payment of R500 (for 2016) to the University in order to secure your place.  This Acceptance of Offer fee is non refundable and the amount may change for 2017.

3.  Provisional Fees (R3 000 for 2014) 

Provisional fees are payable before or at registration. At registration, you will make your final decisions about the courses/ subjects for which you will register. Tuition fees are charged per subject per semester. The Acceptance of Offer fee forms part of the registration fee.

4.  Balance of Fees (First Semester) 

After registration the actual costs for tuition fees for the first semester will be calculated. The R3 250 (R500+R2 500 for 2016) paid will be subtracted from the total and an account for the balance will be mailed to you. The balance of the first semester fees must be paid before the end of May.  

5.  Second Semester Fees

Second semester fees are payable in full at the start of the second semester in August. Students who are registering for subjects for non-degree purposes, or for a reduced load, must contact the Student Fees Office or Faculty Office to determine the correct amount payable. 

6.  Bursaries or Loans

Students who have any form of bursary or loan must ensure that the funding is available at the time of registration. Proof of award  must be submitted at the Student  Funding Centre before registration. Students who have received financial assistance from the University must complete their load documentation at the Student Funding Centre before registration 

7.  Scholarships from University

Qualifying students will receive letters advising them of their awards from the Scholarships Office before registration. Faculties will be notified of awards made for financial clearance purposes.

Mode of payment

1. Payment may be made by means of cheque or postal orders, direct deposit into the relevant University Banking Accounts, or by credit card.

2. The University offers a payment by instalment facility, by means of a debit order against a bank account, for students who are self-funded. Application may be made at the respective Student Fees Offices on each campus as soon as possible after selection and no later than at least a week before registration


UKZN bank account details 

Tuition fees can be paid into the following account 

Name: University of KwaZulu-Natal

Bank: Standard Bank

Acc. No: 053081072

Branch: Westville

Branch Code: 045426

Reference: F001 11402 with applicant's full name

fee structure

The fees for postgraduate courses fluctuate depending on the qualification, the academic year, and whether the qualification is taken on a full-time or part-time basis. The full fee structure for South African and SADC students can be found on 2012 Fees for SA and International Students but a few examples are given below to explain the structure. E.g.:


Postgraduate Diploma in Education 

1 year full-time –  +-R20 000 p.a. 


Full time Research Masters and Doctoral Studies

No tuition fee is charged for full-time masters and doctoral studies by research.  Full-time international students will be required to pay an international levy of  R1221 per semester (2016) only.

Students are eligible for this remission of tuition fees if studies are completed in the minimum prescribed period of study PhD-3 years and masters 1-year.

Please note that the above fees cover tuition fees only. Provision must be made for all other necessary expenses such as accommodation, food, transport and subsistence (see below). From the fees listed above students should take into account only those costs which are relevant to their studies at the University.

Residence and Subsistence Costs

University Residences during academic term

Accommodation fees R 16 000
Cost of meals  R 15 000
Total cost   R 31 000 per annum
On-Campus Vacation Accommodation

Accommodation fees do not include residence fees during vacations. Accommodation during vacation is R51 - 61 per day.


Off-Campus Accommodation

Accommodation without meals  R20 000
Cost of Meals    R15 000
Total cost    R35 000



International students pay the same accommodation fees as South African students but international students have to pay all tuition and residence fees due to the University in advance prior to registration at the University of KwaZulu-Natal

Provision for Additional Expenses

Students must take into account a range of expenses which they may have to meet, depending on their particular course of study. These may include:
• Orientation Week
• Text materials (issued by the University)
• Field trips
• Books, stationery and equipment
• Transport (off-campus)
• Sports clubs and societies (optional)
• Pocket money


As a guideline a total amount of R24 000 (South African Rand) should be allowed for a full year’s study to cover the above.  Fees quoted are in South African Rands per annum. The cost to the student in the currency of origin shall vary from time to time, based on the prevailing exchange rate of the South African Rand

Banking Details for tuition fees:
Tuition fees can be paid into the following bank accounts and proof of payment must be faxed to: +27 (0)31 260 3099.

South African students 


Standard Bank    
Acc:  053080998
Branch: 045426 Westville
Reference: Please provide your UKZN student number as reference

2014 Student Fee guide is now available.

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